She Likes Trucks (A Lot Better Than Me)

by Eli Ashley © November 5, 2017

The windows rolled down, pedal to the metal, black top’s racing by  B/F#/E/F#
It’s got a little shudder, we burn a little rubber, as we turn a fast quarter mile  B/F#/E/B
She’s gotta big smile, as we head for home, but I just can’t change her mind  B/F#/E/F#
I thought it was me, but she likes my truck, I’m nothing but second in line  B/F#/E/B

She likes trucks, a lot better than me  E/B
If I up my game, then she’ll see  E/F#
She likes trucks, but not for long  E/B
A little more time, she’ll be singing my song  E/F#/B

She’s my baby, we’re kinda goin’ steady, a little piece of paradise
A real head turner, a big dollar burner, better than a roll of the dice
We’re headin’ down the road, gotta lighten our load, she says just a little more gas
So I say OK, we’ll do it her way, I guess we’re gonna get there fast


My Chevy is her baby, I don’t mean maybe, she just can’t wait for a spin
If I give her the keys, she’ll forget about me, then I’ll need to pack it on in
I figure I’m a goner, ready for the heap, maybe I should just leave town
I want to be her honey, it ain’t about the money, I’m tired of messin’ around


Radio’s blastin, I’m talkin ‘ up a storm, wondrin’ if I’m getting through
I’m sure not a jokin’, and desperately a hopin’, that I’m gonna be married real soon
I said I’ve been a thinkin’, while I a been a drinkin’, here’s what I’ve gotta say
If you marry me, and be my wife, my truck you’re gonna get today