Ten Miles Into Oregon

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By Eli Ashley & Dottie Ashley
© 9/1/2014

Key of G (G,C,D)

Verse One:
Well, it’s ten miles back to Oregon the miles keep flying by
The girl I left behind in town kinda makes me want to cry
Well it’s ten miles back to Oregon, and this road still sings the blues
I can’t turn back down that old track, that life was made for fools

Chorus One:
I’m going back, where I come from

Down that dirt road, I’ll sing my song
I’m goin’ home, where I belong
Now I know that I’ve been gone for way too long

Verse Two:
Well, I’m ten miles into Oregon, the air just smells so sweet
The tender love of family, just sweeps me off my feet
Well, I’m ten miles into Oregon, I’ll never leave again
My gas gauge shows I’m really close to where my heart has been

Chorus Two:
I’ll hang my hat, and sit right down
And pop a beer, then head to town
See my old pals, where I’ll be found
It’s my Oregon the place I’m homeward bound

Chorus One, Two, and Tag the Last Line