Hard Times Today

by Eli Ashley
© Feb. 20, 2018

Been thinking bout hard times, living day to day
Better than bad times, back in yesterday
Gettin by ain’t easy when the wheel just keeps on turnin’
A dollar ain’t worth spendin’ and barely worth the earnin’
In these hard times, like they are today

I’ve seen strange times, with trouble everywhere
I’ve seen wrong times, when people didn’t care
It don’t take much to let things slip into the murky water
And miss your call to save yourself and your sons and daughters
These are strange times, when change is in the air

We’ve got hot times, when fields turn into dust
And some wet times, when steel turns into rust
Rivers flood and mud comes up in layer after layer
You better get down on your knees and say a hopeful prayer
These are storm times, your god won’t be enough

We need good times, with no one ever poor
And some fine times, when work won’t be a chore
If Honest Abe could see us now he’d teach us all a lesson
And Teddy Roosevelt would say we all deserve a dressin’-down
They brought new times, we’re throwin’ out the door

We want big times, when people get to choose
And some high times, with good things in the news
If history will be the judge we won’t know till too late
So tell the kids you think of them on every choice you make
These will be our times, we have something to prove