Electric 109

© dsashley 8.19

C                She binds herself, and she binds the hand

                  That holds the rope, she hears the Band

F    C         She holds the hope, holds the winning time

G F C        Man calls out, “Electric One Oh Nine”

C                Blonds in caps and cut off shorts

                  Denim skirts, all them fancy sorts

F    C         On the prowl, prowling in their prime

G F C        Man calls out, “Electric One Oh Nine”

Am    G      Oh my heavens, oh cowboy
F        C       Draw another one,  have another go
Am    G      And oh my heavens, oh cowboy
F        G      Saddle up, come ride tomorrow

Buckaroo devils, come heaven or hell
Back gate dudes from Kalispell
Hold for the ride, praying for the time
Man calls out, “Electric One Oh Nine”
Lipstick girls they start to cheer
Men seen nothing like that in years
Seen a working life, nothing quite so fine
Man calls out, “Electric One Oh Nine”

CHORUS            SOLO (VERSE)   

BRIDGE:   Dm             Look different ways in different mirrors

                  F   C           Get different answers, get away from here……

                  Dm              She got her some money, got a secret like honey

                  F                Got her some money…..

                  Dm  G  C   Got a secret….. like the sweetest honey

Sky blue eyes and long straight hair
She quits the ride, and she’s outta there
Takes her money, takes a little time
Man calls out “Electric One Oh Nine”
In the bars and the cars and the dancing’ after
And the beers and the tears and amid the laughter
They look for the boy, for a real long time
Man calls out, “Electric One Oh Nine”