County Line

by Eli Ashley July 15, 2018

He met her at the Wagonwheel, just east of San Anton  C/F/C
Drinkin whiskey at the bar, in a place she didn’t know  C/F/G
He said hello what’s your name, you’re lookin mighty fine  C/F/C
She said call me Rosalee, I live across the county line  C/G/C

Is there some good reason, why you came to this place here
This old bar is dusty, and it smells of week old beer
She said it makes me think about, a calm and peaceful time
When I met my first love, across this county line

On each side of that county line were families oh so old    Am/G/F
Who never left their homesteads for a better life I’m told    Am/F/G
Love affairs would blossom and the sun would come and shine    Am/G/F
But they couldn’t stay together cause that damn old county line    C/G/C

She said there ain’t no decent men, in my whereabouts
I’m lookin for a new one, he’ll be my King of Hearts
Can there be a good man, who always will be mine
To come and be my sweetheart, and cross that county line


When my King of Hearts will come, and walk into this bar
I’ll ask him if he’ll take me, to a land away and far
Then the rest of my whole life, won’t wither on the vine
I’ll rid myself of the curse, from this county line


He said dear Rosalee,  I was the man you’re looking for
But I had my share of women, and don’t need any more
Take it from experience, and stop your wasting time
You won’t find your King of Hearts, across this county line

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