Copper River Line

by Eli Ashley © February 25, 2017

I’ll take your ticket now cause we’re going for a ride,
Heading upstream on the Copper River side
We’re treat you real well cause you’re ridin’ on the main
So let me make you welcome on the Copper River train
You better take a seat cause the whistle’s ‘bout to blow
Not too many stops just in case you didn’t know
Sixty miles yonder through the mountains and the plain
Running down the tracks on the Copper River

Conductor shouts it out that we’re coming to a stop, can only take a minute since we’re on a hot shot

See you next time when we’re heading on back, like a Ball of Fire justa steaming down the track

She purrs like a kitten when she gets a movin’ on
Doesn’t miss a beat as she hauls a 50 ton
The big locomotive blowing smoke all the time
Get a real thrill on the Copper River line
The snow and the floods took out the bridges fast
The money and labor couldn’t make the line last
She lasted only ten years throughout the pouring rain
But we still have those memories of the Copper River train
My story ‘bout the railroad just never seem to end
You can still feel them rumble if you look around the bend
The memories and the legends across the span of time
I’m riding in my dreams on the Copper River Line