Dsa capo 2

Intro: G CG Em D G                      CARDS                      (KEY A)

G               (Well I’m) Not scared of trying                                                       A

C G            Not scared of any lies                                                                     DA

Em             (And) Now I know                                                                         F#m   

D G            There ain’t no golden prize…….                                                     EA

G               Hon, I taught myself                                                                      A

C G            To speak and now to tell                                                                 DA

Em             Not a Queen of Hearts                                                                    F#m

D G            It’s hard to break your spell                                                             EA

CHORUS:  D       Gonna shake the windows, tear down the walls             E

                      C G   Blow off the roof and rattle them halls                        DA

                      D       This battered old house, this tired old town                 E       

                     C G   This house of cards comes tumbling down….              DA

         Em D G      This house of cards comes  tumbling down           F#mEA

                             3X @ end                                        

My love off it went
Felt bare and all apart
Now it’s a wore out
Empty kind of heart…….
Not no more
Not one more hint of thieves
Dealing, and I seen
The Ace right up your sleeve              CHORUS

Well,  what a stumble
Got you on the way down
You go on Joe
Take trouble outta town……
Joker says
Damn more than your face imparts
Love’s gone now
Left us with two broke hearts     CHORUS    ….. SOLO (on chorus)

You win or you lose
Your luck it’s all gone wild
Blowing out
All Jacks and Kings exiled…….
You’re going down a
Broke saint and rambler
Left a promise and
The fortunes of a gambler       CHORUS     © dsashley 11.16.18 rev 5.12.19