Big Blue Sky

G         I know you love me so
C G     I won’t ask if you do
G         It’s not a thing
C G     Your heart needs to cut through
Am      I’m holding on to my dream
D G     of you coming back again
C         To you and me
DG     And that big blue sky

C        Honey, you don’t have to be good
D G    To look up and say your peace
Em G D   It’s the way of the world, anyhow
C        Some get a job, some get a chance
D G   A dollar a pipe, a quarter a sack
Em D G   It’s our shot at this crazy romance

How our lives are not
Coming apart at the seams
You got the light inside to
Hold to a bunch of dreams
It’s a hard time being gone
Might be harder coming on back
To you and me
and that big blue sky


Wondering what we’ll do
with our gold in the bank
You do what you can
Ain’t no one else to thank
Gonna write me one more time
From that dirty Nevada mine
I’m waiting here
‘neath the big blue sky

BRIDGE:        Em       Pretty women out there

                        G  D     Praying you got no heart…

                        Em  D  But you got mine, and I got yours

                        C  G     Don’t matter, we’re miles apart

SOLO(on verse)


I put two chairs out
Each night on our dead-end street
I’m still going to be
That woman you’d want to meet
A love that lives on dreaming
You’re coming on home to me
Me and you
And that big blue sky


© DSAshley 5.14.2018