3       OUTLAW                 

Bb F    G  D              Met at your door     by my girlfriend

EbBb  C  G               In your shirt from a store    I bought-back when

F Eb   D  C               I looked behind….    instead of ahead….

Bb F    G  D              She wants your name    for a fresh new start

EbBb C G                You broke the law,  you outlawed

F Bb   D G               Hiding your ….        lawless heart

Eb                   C                    Did she know you might have loved me
EbBb             C G                 Did you ever just say?…..
BbCm            G Am             Tell me the story what happened to you
Cm                 Am                 Tell me the truth …..  
F                    D                     Way back then…..
EbBb             C G                 It was always only you                  (tag 3x@ end)

Don’t mean to suggest     I loved you the best
You broke more hearts than all the rest
Back in the day…..  ‘fore you  cracked my world….
Before then   when  last I checked
Love is what,   you done said
You would …   at least expect

CHORUS                             SOLO

There ain’t a chart   to get near your heart
Guess laughter was    the imaginary part
Of the love you knew…..   you threw away….
I thought you’d    hold me longer
Hold on hard,   like I was
A precious gift…..      of holy water


Gm F          Em D          Is amazing grace a sacred place
Eb F           C D             Where you rustle and outsmart?
Gm F          Em D         How’s the wicked feeling, when you’re stealing,
Eb F           C D             Another girl’s heart?                            SOLO                                  

I ain’t giving up     I’m-a  moving on
Mercy for you’s    gone way too long I’m
Moving on…. moving again….
From something broke    that can’t be fixed
Things go missing,   just like this
like your name….        was on my lips

CHORUS                                                                             dsashley© 6.20