Long Hauls For Money

capo2 key of B

A splash of lights from a city out east         A      E
Sky full of stars all filled with peace          G      A
Radio for Dispatch, radio for Country         A      E
In between women and long hauls for money  (repeat line)….   A E  D  A   

Into Manhattan for to pick up a load
Cab over engine with a horn to blow
In Times Square, women arm in arm
Step off the curb like a semi won’t harm (repeat line)………

It made me tense, now I ain’t lyin’
I’ve got patience, and I ain’t crying
I laid on the air-horn because I could
To save those ladies who were close to my hood (repeat line)……………SOLO

In-between women and long hauls for money
Missing a girl I used to call Honey
Loved her but it wasn’t enough and while
Don’t make sense, but today I smile (repeat line)………….

We couldn’t make it when the times got tough
All I did just wasn’t enough
I was calm and she was brave
In the end, nothin’ left to save (repeat line)………...RIFF   A   +  G

It’s lonely on the long haul,  I’ll admit
Hit a motel for the hell-of-it
Air-cooler shakes in a rotten window
There’s ice and candy and a pool below (repeat line)………….

The road is more than the places I know
And above all, well, you reap what you sow
I meet some people, take the time to say
How y’all doing, you have a good day (repeat line)………..RIFF  A  + G    RUNOUT