Lady Luck

by Eli Ashley © March 7, 2017

It’s time to put your mind at ease, ask the girl for your tickets please
Take a seat play make believe, play another round on Texas Tea
Ticket in ticket out, this might win there’s no doubt
Take another drag blow it out, have a second drink your losing count

Chorus (chords no words)

A different game a different smoke, you like it here ain’t no joke
Queen of Hearts gives me hope, she smiles at me I can cope
Pull the lever now I know, it’s not a game not a show
Hard to change hard to grow, ain’t no life if the wind don’t blow

Slot machine                Let’s refill

Lady Luck                     She’s a thrill
Queen of Hearts          Does that dance
Game of life                  Game of chance

I see her face spinning round, looks at me like I’m just a clown
There’s no up when you’re feeling down, I’ll pack my bags and leave this town
A game of chance says the Queen, she can’t be known can’t be seen
It’s left or right or in between, play another round I like this scene


Ticket in ticket out, hit the jackpot shout it out
She loves me now she loves me not, maybe we’ll kiss and tie the knot
One armed bandit on your wrist, if I leave will I be missed
Bells and diamonds fruits and fish, Queen of Hearts grant my wish

Chorus + Solo out on the verse chords