Dottie @ Palate a Coffee Bar

Come hear Dottie from Appaloosa play!
Friday 1/26/18
Doors Open at 6:30pm.
3 Songwriters each with 45 minute set.
7-10pm @ Palate a Coffee Bar

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Six years ago now, Dottie Ashley retired from her day job, and she and her husband, Eli, decided to start playing music. She had played a little guitar early on, but never seriously, so she took some lessons and formed an informal group with friends. Originally, that was going to be a rock band, so Dottie learned to play the drums also, but then her musical tastes gravitated to the music she grew up with in the 60’s and 70’s. Forming the Duo with her husband, and then their Trio, which includes Steve Jensen, she started playing out and singing covers of old Folk and Country Tunes, and then she started writing her own music. With over 70 Originals by Appaloosa, nearly 1/2 are recorded on 3 CDs, Dottie has really taken her poetry background to a new and wonderful level of complexity and interesting storytelling. True to her folk heroes of the old days, she often writes socially conscious songs as well as tunes with the pure country vibe of simple life and love in the West. Accessible and uncomplicated, she has a raw and authentic Americana voice.

Uncivil War Featured!

Our song, Uncivil War, was featured in a national program honoring MLK and was broadcast out of a public radio station in Arlington VA. The producer said she “loved the song, and it was a great contribution to the show.” Wow!!! Below is the link to the show, which includes music by Joan Baez, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Phils Ochs, Bob Dylan, The Chambers Brothers and others.

As songwriters, we continue to address the difficulties in our world, and we will speak out (or sing out) in protest. This will be a big year, and if you need us for a benefit, please call.

Come hear the Trio on Thursday @ The Lot (1.18) 6p, and Dottie has a solo, acoustic performance 1.26 at 7p for the Whippoorwill Songwriters Evening.

2018 Gig Alerts!

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